Meet D'Andre

I am the candidate for the people, not for the system.

D'Andre Anderson

My purpose is to raise a voice for those who feel voiceless and fight to bring equity and unity to the people of district 8. 

My name is D’Andre Anderson and I am 21 years old. I decided to run in this race after the significant events that have taken place this year. After we experienced a declared global pandemic, a disastrous tornado, and a movement for Black Lives Matter, I have decided to step up and run for City Council. I want to run on bringing together the people of District 8. I will make sure their voices are being heard and I will make sure to represent my district as a whole. I will be the representative that will be able to work with others to make change. It’s not time for more division, but instead more unity. 


I will listen to you. I will be angry with you. I am a candidate that is going to be for the people. I am tired of career politicians. I am tired of feeling like the people are last on their political agenda. I believe it’s time for a candidate that will put politics aside and put the people first. It’s perfectly fine to pursue careers in politics- but if your purpose is to get to the top with no regard for the people you serve, you aren’t fit for office. We, the people, are ready for true impactful change to move us forward.. 


I am the candidate who will get the job done.